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Imagine there was a software that would transform your customer interaction into a fully automated, AI driven process allowing you to derive maximum value with each interaction with your customer.

Taze CRM does just that.

Taze CRM

Taze CRM


What does the platform consist of?

  • Module for web traffic acquisition
  • Mailing hub
  • Service support
  • User analysis factory

Single Customer View

Every client receives a customised a detailed customer model that reflects its distinct customer base and unique data.
We use multiple data points such as on-site/in-app user activity, third-party data and campaign response history and create a consolidated dataset. This data is continuously maintained and updated in a single view and accessible to the organisation's various departments.

Single Customer View


We recognise the importance of Optimove has, at its core, an advanced CDP that powers on-demand interactive analytics applications.
These important tools allow marketers to deeply explore their customer segments, personalized campaigns, degree of customer coverage and many other aspects of relationship marketing operations.
This powerful view into the customer base and marketing activities helps marketers gain a deeper understanding of, and insights into, customer behavior and how to always deliver the right message at the right time to each individual customer. Optimove also provides a customizable dashboard and BI Studio to monitor the KPIs most important to any business.

Predictive Customer Analytics

Optimove’s predictive micro-segmentation technology powers the delivery of tailored messages, offers and promotions to individual customer personas, fostering both improved short-term engagement and long-term brand loyalty.
Optimove’s predictive marketing engine applies mathematical and statistical models to transactional, behavioral and demographic data in order to predict future customer behavior and value.
Customers with similar expressed or implied characteristics and preferences are grouped into dynamic micro-segments, which are the building blocks of your hyper-personalized relationship marketing campaigns.

Predictive Customer Analytics

How much does Taze CRM improve KPIs?

+ %

Returning website users

+ %

Higher average check

x %

Better conversion rates

- %

Lower customer acquisition cost

Taze CRM features


Integration with well-known services

Sms, push notification suppliers providing an ability for real time engagement with users on multiple screens, devices and channels. zorro mailchimp

Single interface

See all your customer data in a single interface that gathers information from multiple sources.
Consolidated smart data view is continuously updated providing a full view of each single customer.


Empower your team

Free up to 50% of your valuable time and allow Taze CRM to automate your CRM processes.
Our product enables your team to achieve higher productivity and cost-savings at the same time.

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