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TAZE Affiliates is a fully tailored ecosystem that allows you to manage all your acquisition activities in one place. Promote, on-board and develop all your acquisition leads via the same back office. Our real time data reporting allows you track the efficiency of your marketing efforts and make changes instantly.

Taze Affiliates

Main Features

Real-time Reporting on all your affiliate marketing activities

Spending your marketing budget efficiently is paramount for a successful business. Our software empowers you to track your CPA, revenue share and other types of deals performance in real time in one place.
Optimise marking budget allocation for best performing channels and provide your partner with fully transparent reporting. The system comes with multiple reports to cover all aspects of your acquisition efforts. All reports are fully customisable and can display wide range of tracking data.

  • Marketing reports, real-time
  • Individual banner/link performance reports
  • Reports by group of affiliates or partners
  • Fraud related reports
  • Flexibility to set any commission and deal structures
  • Payments report
Media Management

Media Management

We have designed a software that allows hosting wide variety of media, from .jpg files to complex HTML5. We also support grams, mini-games and various feeds. You will have an option to manually upload the banners via convenient UX or use FTP for bulk actions.
We like to think of ourselves more than just a software provider, but also as a business partner that understands your needs and ready to solve your challenges together with you.
We are experts in affiliate software segment and always available to help to grow your business.

Rewards and Commission Structures

The broad range of commission plans that we have will allow you to create a structure that will keep your affiliate partners coming back. Percentage based, CPA, CPM, fixed payments we have it all. If you have your own original structures in mind - we will add them for you.
Assign multiple plans for the same affiliate, of same plan for multiple affiliates. Our transparent and real-time reporting will ensure high confidence from your partners. Our software provides a good basis for trusted relationship between all parties of the process.

Rewards and Commission Structures

How much does Taze Affiliates improve KPIs?

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Returning website users

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Higher average check

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Better conversion rates

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Lower customer acquisition cost

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