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Bespoke user acquisition and tracking applications, operational software, web apps, comprehensive websites on 3rd-party APIs - whatever you need for your e-commerce business.

Tazetec can help to build it.

Bespoke Business Applications

Main Features

Each successful e-commerce business faces some sort of technology constraint at some point of its life cycle. 3rd-party technologies (SaaS, Fully-managed, Rented…) are perfect for initial stages of a venture, however they tend to become a constraint as business develops. Especially in cases where such a 3rd-party software constitutes a core product/technology around which the business is built.
Challenges for a particular enterprise are often unique to that business, to its geography, product and overall environment.
We, at Tazetec have wealth of experience in helping such companies to consider one of alternatives, that is building bespoke applications and solutions for their business.

We work together to create blueprints and develop any software an e-commerce might require for their business. The customer owns the software and the IP, whereas we provide highly qualified development resource to build and maintain it.

Our involvement in the process is dictated by clients’ needs. Ranging from fully outsourced product creation cycle to being a mere high level expertise and consultancy services. We adapt to conditions to achieve a desired end product.

Why develop a bespoke business application

A bespoke business app makes sense when off-the-shelf solutions prove too rigid or when the on-going licensing is too expensive for business owners.
A bespoke app has numerous advantages.

Built for your business

Built for your business

When you are trying to streamline a function that is uniqe to your organisation, commercially available solutions can prove rigid and complex to adopt. We offer to build a solution that adapts to your business, and not the other way around.

Free from licensing

Free from licensing

Once the bespoke business software is developed, there is no additional license fee that you have to pay.
The intellectual Property (IP) rights fully belong to you, the client. This can result in significant savings over the lifetime of the software.

Grows with your business

Grows with your business

As your business changes over time, new use cases may be identified and new opportunities to optimise the workflow emerge. Our team implements the technical foundation of your business software so that it is easy for it to adapt to your changing needs.

Bespoke applications software

Bespoke applications, operational software, web apps, client portals - whatever your business challenges are, Tazetec can help using advanced technologies to build efficiency and competitive advantage.

Bespoke application software examples that we can created include:
  • Customer portals
  • Operational databases
  • EPR
  • CRM
  • Finance automation
  • Secure messaging
  • Client self-service solutions
  • Dashboards
  • Reports and self-services data
  • Stock control
  • ... and much more

Who will own the software?

Unlike our other products that we own and provide as SaaS or Fullymanaged software solutions, the Intellectual Property (IP) rights are fully transferred you. It is your decision to continue working with us once your product is built or to take in fully in-house.

Do we provide support after the product is live?

We will be thrilled to continue working with you once your product is built. We can either provide an optional ongoing support and development services our host your product and provide fully managed solutions for it.

Example of our work:

An AI based proposition add-on software to a software product in online e-commerce industry. We’ve used the client’s data warehouse to build an automated suggestion widgets that uses the customer’s past behaviour to offer most suitable product options that the customer is likely to be interested in. Our solution ended up in saving resources by eliminating manual process as well as provided an increase in customer engagement KPIs.

How it works

Our AI algorithms analyse the customer’s transactions and browsing history on the website. We then, use that data to create tailor made offers for the same customer on his next visit to the website.

How it works

Key achievements:

  • 10% increase in turnover
  • Higher customer retention and loyalty to the brand
  • Easy to integrate to any other product or business
  • Ability to run quick A/B tests

The client has achieved a substantial impact on number of KPIs

+ %

Returning website users

+ %

Higher average check

x %

Better conversion rates

- %

Lower customer acquisition cost

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